2019 Family Picnic

What a great time everyone had. Congratulations Andrew Westerman and Frank Urban, IV on being the scholarship winners.

Check out the photos here!

It will be held at Furnace Lake, Oxford, NJ and is free for all our members, their family, and guests. For more information contact Tom Mulea, 908-752-3616.

What was once built for practical purposes of flood and erosion control is now a quiet lake area know as Oxford Furnace Lake. named for the first hot blast furnace in America, Oxford Furnace Lake is a cozy area for families to picnic, hike, swim, and enjoy the great outdoors away from a noisy populated area. Kayaking, canoeing, and boating are popular on the clear water, but electric motors only are allowed to maintain a quiet and peaceful retreat. Local anglers boast that the fishing here is some of the best in the region.

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