Picnic cancelled/meeting on

We are sorry to report that there will be no Annual Picnic in 2020. We are already planning for June 2021!

However, we will have a meeting on Sunday, 7/5/2020 at Bill Guiles’ Garage at 1 PM. Located at 73 Beechwood Road, Belvedere, NJ. Any questions, contact Bill at (908) 455-1233.


At this point we are not sure what is allowed for our Annual Picnic. The lake is open but the pavilion is not. There is a limit on the number who can attend — so, we are not sure what will happen.

We are hoping to still have our picnic on the 28th, depending on what is allowed, it is best to check back here a few days before to keep informed. In the meantime . . . . Be safe!


Due to the corona virus and the fur market situation and a lack of buyers as well as the international economy the N.J.T.A. has decided to cancel our fur auction for this spring. Hoping to continue next year without interruption.


There is now S179.  The threat to our privileges continues.  In the past we had Assembly Bill A4407 with the same wording as S2750. This will basically make most of our traps illegal. Both bills are identical. We need to continue to write, call, fax our opinions to our legislators. We should also get our friends and family to do the same.