2021 Convention

Please plan on joining us for the convention next week 10/3 at Space Farms. Our roast pork dinner is at noon. Our meeting is at 1pm

Demonstration Times:
9:00-   Herb Senderling    Coyote and fox with cable restraints

9:30-   Doug Edler            Cage Trapping

10:00   Mike Kitchen         Dog proof tips and tricks

10:30  Jay Staudt              Bottom edge sets

11:00  Bob Healy               Fleshing and stretching fur on board and wire stretchers

2021 Convention 10/3

Our convention will be held at Space Farms on Sunday October 3, 2021. Demos begin at 9am and run till 12. Our roast pork dinner starts at noon. Our meeting starts at 1pm and after the meeting we will have our raffle drawings. Come and have a great time!


There is now S179.  The threat to our privileges continues.  In the past we had Assembly Bill A4407 with the same wording as S2750. This will basically make most of our traps illegal. Both bills are identical. We need to continue to write, call, fax our opinions to our legislators. We should also get our friends and family to do the same.