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2022 NJTA Convention

The NJTA Annual Convention will be Sunday, October 2, 2022 at Space Farms, Beemerville, NJ.
Beginning at 9 am there will be demos every half hour between 9 and noon.

Our Pork Dinner will be at noon. Meals are $20 in advance and $30 at the door.

After dinner, we will have our usual meeting. A state biologist will do a talk on the fisher program and actions they are taking this winter.

August Meeting – 8/7/22

Please save the date and plan to be at our next meeting 8/7/22 at 1 pm at the Northern Region Office in Clinton.

We have lots to talk about and everyone who enjoys hunting, trapping, fishing is welcome.

2018 Fur Sale

The fur sale to be held at Space Farms. It will be Sat March 17 and Sunday March 18 2017.
Fur will only be accepted on Sat March 17 beginning at 9am.
All fur must be brought in on Saturday no fur will be accepted on Sunday. The sale will begin at 10am sharp on Sunday the 18th.
Check out the photos from the auction at this link!

2016 Fur Auction – 3/19 – 20

N.J.T.A. Fur Auction Rules

If you just drop off your fur and leave you cannot put a minimum on it. To put a minimum on your fur you must wait in line until your fur comes up for grading then discuss the minimum price with Tom. Tom will set the minimum with the trapper at his side. Tom will start the bidding at the minimum bid on any lot that has a minimum. If the minimum is not met it will not be sold and the seller must be there Sunday (the day of the auction) to take his fur home. You cannot say “sell it anyway” if the minimum is not met. And there will be no sales permitted in the parking lot (private treaty).

Also,  if your fur does not sell even though there was no minimum on it you also must be there Sunday (day of the auction) to take your furs home.

Remember if you put a minimum on your fur you must be there Sunday the day of the sale to take your fur home if the minimum is not met. Also even if there is no minimum on your fur and it does not sell you must be there Sunday the day of the sale to take your fur home.