Annual NJTA Family Picnic

N.J.T.A, annual picnic will be on Sunday June 25,2023 starting at noon. It will be held under the pavilion at Oxford Lake in Oxford N.J. It is open to all NJTA members and their family and friends. Please bring a covered dish.

Write your legislators – ACR 164

ACR 164 Trappers this is a resolution to ban the DP trap that was brought out this week. This will put the DP trap in the same law as the Steel jawed foot trap. Use and possession.
EVERY TRAPPER must contact your assembly person now and tell them no on ACR 164.
Trappers now need to join the NJ federation, so the trappers have a say. The state trapping leadership will be out front on this at the state federation meetings, but we need county meetings attended. The federation is on our side and will be backing the trapper on this, but every trapper has to be seen and heard. But we have to do our part first!!!!! We have 1300 +- active trappers, along with another 1200 folks that have taken the course over the last 6 to 7 years. We all need to step up to the plate and make our voices heard.
This is not play time this is real. You all have heard us talking about the 1984 trap ban. Well, you are going to see it again if we do not unite.
ACR 164

Locate your representatives here: