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2020 Convention Schedule

Sunday, 10/3/20 – at Space Farms

9:00 AM       Bob Healey                Skinning

9:30 AM        Doug Chubb              DP raccoon trapping

10:00 AM      Herb Senderling        Coyote snaring

10:30 AM      Bob Healey               Fleshing and fur put up

11:00 AM      Mike Kitchen             Trap anchoring

11:30 AM     Jay Staudt                 Fox snaring methods

Picnic cancelled/meeting on

We are sorry to report that there will be no Annual Picnic in 2020. We are already planning for June 2021!

However, we will have a meeting on Sunday, 7/5/2020 at Bill Guiles’ Garage at 1 PM. Located at 73 Beechwood Road, Belvedere, NJ. Any questions, contact Bill at (908) 455-1233.


At this point we are not sure what is allowed for our Annual Picnic. The lake is open but the pavilion is not. There is a limit on the number who can attend — so, we are not sure what will happen.

We are hoping to still have our picnic on the 28th, depending on what is allowed, it is best to check back here a few days before to keep informed. In the meantime . . . . Be safe!