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2019 Fur Auction

The fur sale to be held at Space Farms. It will be Sat March 23 and Sunday March 24,2019.   Fur will only be accepted on Sat March 23 beginning at 9am.   All fur must be brought in on Saturday no fur will be accepted on Sunday. The sale will begin at 10am sharp on Sunday the 24th.   Check out the photos from the auction at this link!

January’s meeting will be 1:00 PM on January 6, 2019 at the Clinton Office. 

There are a lot of issues to be discussed and all sportsmen and sportswomen are welcome. 

Meeting 12/2

The December meeting will be Sunday, 12/2 at the Clinton Office starting at 1 PM. All sportsmen and sportswomen are invited.

There are important issues concerning trapping and hunting that will be discussed and we need as many members and sportsmen and sportswomen to attend.  Thank you.


Two pieces of legislation, SCR-134 and ACR-85, that would amend the States Constitution are bad for all of New Jersey but could spell the death knell for sportsmen.

The legislation is being put forth by legislators supported by animal rights and preservation-oriented organizations under the guise of protecting and preserving the rights of all of New Jersey’s citizens to have clean air and clean water which we all support when in fact these changes would actually undermine science and sound resource management practices and make it much easier for these organizations to deny the people of New Jersey rights they currently possess.

If enacted it would also lead to a constant stream of lawsuits being filed against sportsmen similar to the spate of lawsuits taking place over the Comprehensive Black Bear Management Plan.  The amendment is just another attempt to bypass science and manage the States resources with the politics of special interest groups.

If passed “preservation” would be the new buzz word.  The harvesting of renewable resources such as wildlife and forest products would be met with lawsuits challenging our rights to manage forests and wildlife with proven conservation practices.

To date, as indicated in The Press of Atlantic City, the following groups have voiced opposition to the amendment; the New Jersey Builders Association, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, the New Jersey State League of Municipalities and the Chemistry Industry Council.

It is time for the sportsmen of New Jersey through the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance and the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs to voice their opposition to this amendment.

The amendment cleared the Senate Environment and Energy Committee in October.  It’s time to contact our legislators and let them know our position on this amendment before its to late.  Write the letters and make the calls now or suffer the consequences later.

Edward Markowski, President
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

57th Annual Convention

Check out the photos here!

Save the date – 10/6/19 for the 58th Annual NJTA Convention

October 7, 2018 will be the 57th annual convention of the New Jersey Trappers Association.  With great pleasure, the Space Family will allow us to use their property for out get together once again.  We hope you and your family can join us.

There will be an assortment of trapping supply dealers and tailgaters who are welcome to set up for free.  All we ask is that your products be outdoor related and a small donation toward our fundraiser.Remember — NO GUNS or FOOTHOLD TRAPS!

Also, for your family and friends, the zoo and museum will be open at the normal fee.  It is a great place to spend a few hours.

We will have roast pork dinner along with potato salad, cole slaw, beans, etc.  Please RSVP early so we can give the food provider a good head count.  Thank you.

Also, water and soda are free all day with your meal.  The price will remain at $15.00 for those who purchase by mail, tickets bought at the convention will be $20.

There will be a presentation at our meeting with the results of the Bobcat Study from this past season.

[A downloadable RSVP form will be added later]

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