Monthly Archives: January 2018

Here we go again, get ready for another fight!

S179 was brought up in the Environment and Energy Committee. This bill is the same wording as last years bill  S2750 and is in the same committee just under a different number. This bill will eliminate all trapping except mice and rats in your house (good luck finding a market for them). We need everyone to write, email and call the committee members and tell them you oppose this bill. If you email please also BCC to  so we can keep a count how many emailed so they cant say no one opposed the bill. Below is the 5 members of the committee you need to contact and also the wording of Bill S179. Rember trappers are on the front line of the fight, once the take away trapping they will come for your hunting, so even if you dont trap please email and tell them you oppose this bill

Hope everyone is having a great hunting & trapping season and new year.

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