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Everyone need to email all the senators now! and Oppose SCR11 which would ban the dp trap and the new bill S2750. Bill S2750 has the potential to ban all traps and virtually eliminate trapping in NJ. We need to keep emailing and calling to show them we are not going away and feel strongly for our way of life. We also have to show them that trappers are free wildlife control for the state of new jersey and they need to make decisions based on good science not emotions.

The last mass email that was sent only 39% of the emails sent were actually opened and read. If you know other members please contact them and remind them to check their email, and also pass this info along to non members. We need everyone we can get to email, trappers, outdoorsmen, friends and family. their is a lot of work being done with the federation and other groups but we need to do our part and keep emailing. Many of you may remember when we lost the foothold trap in 1984, these bills are worse, they would virtually eliminate trapping. Back then it was hard to spread the word and gain support but now in a couple minutes you can send one email to all the senators at the same time by copying all the emails addresses below and pasting them in you “to” spot in your email. We cant stress enough how important this is.

Here is the new wording for bill S2750

This bill would ban the manufacture, sale, offer for sale, possession, importation, or transportation of a trap that is a spring-loaded device that restrains an animal by capturing the foot, leg, or other body part, including an enclosed foothold type trap or any other type trap that uses a jaw, arm, bar, cable, or wire to grasp or pin the animal’s foot, leg, or other body part. The bill would also prohibit a person from trapping or attempting to trap an animal using such a trap. The bill specifies that a mouse trap or rat trap designed for use in and under buildings is not a trap prohibited by the bill. A person who violates the bill would be subject to a civil fine of $100 to $300 for a first offense, $500 to $700 for a second offense, and $1,000 to $2,500 for a third or subsequent offense, plus confiscation and forfeiture of all equipment used in, and animals or pelts obtained through, the violation.

When you email please BCC that email to so we can keep count how many emails opposed these bills. We ask that you email the senators as often as you can.

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