Monthly Archives: August 2013

Announcement – Magazine Choice

NJTA has been considering the possibility of contracting with the “Trappers Post” for our members’ subscriptions instead of our current Trapper & Predator Caller publication.  Some of the reasons for this are that being primarily trappers, the Trappers Post is strictly about trapping.  Communication with the T&PC is difficult to say the least as they have a separate company that deals with their circulation and subscriptions.

The Post is run on a much smaller scale; so any problems are quickly solved.  Also, the changed format and lesser quality paper that you can see through takes away from the T&PC. Continue reading →

Upcoming Events:

Monthly Meetings – the 1st Sunday of most months at 1:00 PM at the Northern Regional Office of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, Clinton.

Special Dates to be aware of:

January –
Garden State Outdoor Sportsmen’s Show

March –
Annual Fur Auction/Sale at Space Farms

April –
Whittingham Traditional Archery Shoot

June –
Annual Family Picnic at Furnace Lake

September –
NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Wild Outdoor Expo

October –
NJSTA Annual Convention at Space Farms